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Every Year we here at the Hagerman Fire Department send out our fundraising letters to all those who reside within the Hagerman Fire District.  Yes you all pay a Fire Tax but that tax goes directly to the Fire District and helps pays for the Fire Trucks, hydrant rentals, and keeps the lights on at the firehouse etc. 


We the Fire Department members are all volunteer and gather once a week to train and hone our skills and will also meet once a month for our monthly meetings.  We also host many events throughout the year (Music Festivals/Tournaments/Golf Outings/Breakfast with Santa just to name a few)to bring the community together and we welcome all to come and enjoy them.

When we as members band together and take time away from our families we   like to have a light meal either made by one of our members or another form of food from one of our local take out establishments.  During the course of the year the fundraising funds do run low.  The other fundraising events we do hold are successful but the end result is not such.  YOU the residents of East Patchogue and North Bellport (That HAGERMAN FIRE DEPARTMENT covers) are our best hope.  It is a reverse roll at this point of "Help Us, Cause We Will Always Help You" 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  We Thank You in Advance for your Donation.

Please find the "Donate" tab above, you are free to use PayPal, Credit or Debit Cards and there will be no additional charge to you.  You only Pay what you "Donate".

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