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9/11 Memorial Completed

September 11, 2015

On the evening of Septmber 11th, Hagermans new 9/11 Memorial was officially dedicated to the Department. The memorial is lit with LED lighting during the night as the steel sits above a reflecting pool with a constant waterfall flowing behind the steel.

9/11 Memorial Under Construction

August 18, 2015

The Hagerman Fire Department has officially broken ground on its 9/11 Memorial.  Working with H2M Architects a concept was created and is now in the process of becoming a reality.  The steel center piece coming directly from the rubble of the twin towers and was one of many awarded to local and out of state agencies for their own memorials.  The process took months to complete and required a written application directly to the New York City Port Authority and was officially released to the department back in August of 2011.  The steel is just over 14' long and 3' wide at its center point and weighs more than 14,000 pounds.

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