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The Hagerman Fire Department is part of the Brookhaven Technical Rescue Task Force that is made up of 10 other Fire/Rescue Agencies. Hagerman is the only department located on the South Shore of Suffolk that has a Rescue Team. Hagerman has both the equipment and training to handle all types of technical rescue calls. Technical rescue calls are defined as building collapses, trench rescues, confined space rescues, high angle rescues, wilderness search and rescue and water rescues such as ice and dive rescue.


All the members who make up this team must be qualified at a minimum awareness level but the majority of the team is trained at the operations and tecnician level. Operations Level members are thoroughly involved in preparation, set-up, entry, shoring, victim packaging and removal, breakdown and preparation for the next incident. Senior Members become Technician Level after years at the operations level and additional training, knowledge of additional equipment, capability to command an operation, act as the Rescue Operations Officer and conduct a critique of the incident.



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