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Interested in Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter?

The Hagerman Fire Department is always seeking new applicants, whether you have no experience at all or have recently moved into our district and have previous firefighter experience.  We will provide you with Nationally Recognized (Fire Fighter I) training through the Suffolk County Fire Academy which is based on the NFPA Standard 1001.  This is the initial entry program for firefighting personnel, Firefighter I introduces firefighting concepts, practices and techniques necessary for success within the fire service.  Your first "probationary year" in the our firehouse is very demanding and requires you to attend Probationary training's (every Thursday night)  throughout the year.

The Fire Fighter I course develops knowledge, skills and abilities based on performance criteria for the following topics: fire department organization, firefighter safety, fire behavior, personal protective equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus, fire extinguishers, building searches, forcible entry, ground ladders, ventilation, hose practices, fire streams, loss control and hazmat operations. Encompassed in the program are 6 hands-on performance sessions that cover the following: SCBA emergencies, tools, search, victim and firefighter removal, ladders, hose handling, fire behavior, and vehicle fires. A practical skills exam and written test are administered at the end of the course.

As an active volunteer firefighter, you are entitled to free training, gear, uniforms, pagers and access into the firehouse. We will provide you with a life insurance policy and a pension plan.  Join today and discover the thrill of emergency service, benefit your community, and most importantly benefit yourself.


*Please call the District Manager, Barbara Allen at 631-654-2790 prior to picking up an application at the firehouse. 

Hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm*

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